Break up the Huddle: 3 Ways to Maximize Selling at Trade Shows

Football team huddled during time out while playing game

In today’s business environment, social media and other channels have overtaken traditional face-to-face meetings. But trade shows can still be beneficial to those people who are willing to put in the effort.  Always be ready for action and prepared for every opportunity. Here are three things to keep in mind that will maximize your selling at trade shows.

1.       Break up the “Booth Huddle”

The “booth huddle” occurs when three or four sales people, all wearing the same color, stand in a circle. When this occurs, you become very unapproachable. Nobody wants to wait awkwardly for your huddle to break up. Make attendees feel comfortable and be interested in what they have to say.

2.       Talk to Strangers

Trade shows can be uncomfortable for all of us. One of the most difficult things for a booth staffer is to simply talk to strangers and get the conversation going.  You must do your best to have an opening that puts the attendees at ease, such as: “Hi, I see you’re from St. Louis, I grew up there. What high school did you got to?”

3.      Use Business Cards to Remember People

Don’t be shy about asking for business cards. Expanding your professional business network should be one of your main objectives.  When you get someone else’s business card, write notes on it afterwards. Be sure to include any non-business things that were discussed such as favorite sports teams or restaurants.