Give The People What They Want

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Why do people attend trade shows?  Some may go because they want to network with industry professionals, or desire the latest industry trends.  I am a firm believer that face-to-face time matters and people want to engage in unique experiences.  They want to learn something new and exciting.  It is up to you as an exhibitor to give them what they want and form that lasting connection. Here are some thoughts:

 Everybody Loves Free Stuff

Just seeing or hearing the word “free” heightens our interests.  On the surface, giveaways may look like a money loser.  But if done wisely, that can really boost sales.  Here’s a hint: think beyond the pen with the company logo.  Social media has many companies concerned with “word of mouth” and people love talking about freebies.  Getting your customers to say nice things about you is as effective as traditional advertising.

 Provide an Experience

A trade show should be fun and exciting.  Your booth staff should be engaging, outgoing, and good-humored.   Humor can help sell and break the ice.  Make your booth interactive so that you can involve people with a touch, feel, sight or sound experience. Experiential activity is key.


Showcasing the latest and greatest product from your company is great; but how do you get people inspired or excited about your company?  You need to take them on a ride and show them what’s possible.  Consider them as real people with real emotions as opposed to just a target audience.  Always stay positive and give without any expectation of receiving anything in return.  However it’s also true some companies inspire people for one reason, their product is bad-ass.