Going Beyond just the Booth.

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In the trade show world there are many things we can’t control.  One is how many trade show booths will be the same exhibit as yours.  So how do you set your booth out from the rest?

We recently read an article that talked about going beyond just the booth.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

“In the turf maintenance equipment world, three colors dominate the field. You’ve got green (John Deere), you’ve got red (Toro) and then you have orange—Jacobsen orange. To leave attendees of the annual Golf Industry Show in February with orange on the mind and more importantly, the Jacobsen name top of mind, the brand set out to paint the host-city of San Diego orange.

The program “Orange Everywhere” started at the convention center where branded orange muscle cars were strategically parked in public parking spaces. Once inside, attendees who visited the booth were given orange wristbands to wear. Once outside, roving brand ambassadors doled out prizes to those wearing them, including t-shirts during the day and Visa gift cards at night. In addition, those wearing the bands could enjoy perks such as free rides in the city in branded pedicabs and concierge services.”

In the business world we understand that exposure is vital to growth.  It is important to keep in mind the cost and time frame when going beyond just the booth.

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