Market an Experience, Not the Brand

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Let’s face it technology is all around us.  And now, the millennial generation (born between 1982 and 2004) make up the first generation that actually outsizes the influential boomers. Studies have shown that the millennial generation want brands to give them space to explore the products/brand experience on their own.  They want brands to invite them to interact, not intrude on their process.  For this reason, senior marketers need to start thinking about how to market an experience and not just the brand.

Earlier this month at IMEX America in Las Vegas, the Event Experiences by Incentive Concepts exhibit highlighted a touch screen media table that gave potential buyers an opportunity to explore their brand and learn about their services in a fun and interactive way.

Adcraft partnered with InTouch, the leader in touch screen technology, to bring Incentive Concepts the very best touch screen solution.  Overall, the exhibit was a great collaborative effort between the team at Adcraft and talented marketing department at Incentive Concepts.

“There were more than 3,000 booths and 150 countries exhibiting at IMEX America this year so we really wanted to find a way to stand out.  Incorporating an interactive media table into our booth added a layer of excitement, but having the ability to email content from the table directly from the show floor is what really impressed the sales team and the buyers”   –  Billie Reise Vice President Marketing, Incentive Concepts