Overcoming Trade Show Fears

Trade Show Fears copy

From ordering services, setting up your booth, promoting your booth and along with breaking down the booth there is a lot of work that goes into planning a trade show exhibition.

Here are a few fears that clients might have when planning their trade show exhibit.

Fear: We just signed up for a new show and the show manual is over 300 pages; I don’t even know where to start and I’m traveling the next few weeks.

Adcraft’s Solution: We like to think of Adcraft’s show services coordination as the best protection from “Show Manual Fright!”

Fear: The venue planner informed us that we have to use their contractors to set-up and dismantle the booth.

Adcraft’s Solution: Your Adcraft representative will be there to supervise the set-up and dismantle and insure everything goes smooth.  Adcraft’s philosophy of service “from the customer’s point of view” is most apparent on the trade show floor.

Fear:  We just arrived in town the night before the show and realized we have the wrong partner logos on our booth.

Adcraft’s Solution:  Adcraft maintains 24 hour communication with their clients, shippers, vendors, and staff…so a 2:00 am problem does not turn into a 9:00 am nightmare.

Situations arise that are unforeseen, however Adcraft does everything possible to reduce your Trade Show fears.