Signs your Trade Show Exhibit is Out Dated

Old Displays

It seems that now a days it’s hip or cool or wicked, not sure what people are saying these days, to be vintage or old school.

Maybe in fashion but in the world of Trade Show Exhibits being vintage will drive away customers, which drives away sales.

Here are a few signs your Trade Show Exhibit is out dated.

1.  The colors on your trade show exhibits are out of fashion — again

2.  All the people in your exhibit photos have 80′s hair

3.  Your exhibit staffers arrange for all their at-show meetings to take place in the coffee shop.

4.  Visitors to your exhibit say, “Wow, what a cool retro look!” when that actually wasn’t your design intention.

5.  There is a bird nest in the tower of your trade show exhibit.

6.  The lights on your trade show display use technology that is longer available.

7.  Your trade show exhibit uses more duct tape than MacGyver.

8.  The words “keen” and “neato” appear in your exhibit graphics

9.  You have multiple layers of white-out used to change text on your graphics.

10.  There is more carpet-like fabric than graphic images on your back wall display.

If you’ve had to endure any of these embarrassing moments, or experience other similar awkward episodes, perhaps it’s time to contact Adcraft to help modernize your Trade Show Exhibit.