Standing out from all the rest!

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Ever have that fear that when you show up to your trade show exhibit that your booth won’t stand out?  That a potential customer will simply walk right by not noticing your work?

What makes a booth stand out?

Here are some examples and stories of what makes a great booth.

FIRST!!!! Call Adcraft to help create the right booth for you.

Make sure your booth display matches your companies theme.  For example, if your company sells sports equipment then it would be wise to have all the different types of sports equipment and sports displayed at your booth.

Your booth needs to be engaging.  Besides talking about your product, have customers try your product, view photos, watch videos, have a give away or other experiences that keep your customers engaged, interested and wanting more.

Don’t be afraid of color or new design layouts. Use colors that stand out and match your company’s brand. Adcraft specializes in designing a booth that will match your company.

Have an area to rest.  Trade Show Exhibits can be a long day for customers.  One way to stand out is to have a place to sit down.  Yes, one way to stand out is to sit down.  Give potential customers a place to relax while experiencing everything your product has to offer.