Test Your Trade Show Knowledge


So you think you know your Trade Shows.  Take our quiz and see how you measure up!  Don’t worry it’s not timed.


What percent of trade show attendees have buying power? (Source CEIR)

A.           53%

B.           62%

C.           75%

D.           81%

Which one has the highest marketing objective priority for trade shows? (Source CEIR)

A.           Building, Expanding Brand Awareness

B.           Product launch

C.           Brand Reinforcement

What is the percent of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. (Source Exhibit Surveys, Inc.)

A.           57%

B.           67%

C.           77%

D.           88%

What values does a Trade Show Booth offer?

A.           Chance to meet new customers

B.           Offer a unique way to promote your business/product

C.           Strengthen brand awareness

D.           All the above

Who should you contact to discuss ways to enhance your Trade Show Booth?

A.           Ghost Busters

B.           Adcraft

C.           Your Parents

D.           The Magic 8 Ball





How did you do?