The Power of Gratitude


By Shea Blanton

I recently attended a networking event with some excellent speakers.  The main focus centered on gratitude and appreciation.  It is truly amazing how a simple “Thank you” to someone can positively impact their energy and attitude. 

This can be applied to both our business and personal lives.  However being one who travels to every major convention center, I instantly thought about the thousands of exchanges I’ve had.  From Chicago to Las Vegas, I’ve depended on many different people to ensure installations go smoothly.  Many of these people include electricians, truck drivers, riggers, carpenters, customer service reps, AV technicians, and forklift drivers.  I believe that achieving true success is surrounding yourself with the right people and always having a positive attitude.

I never forget to thank the forklift driver who stopped what they are doing to move some crates or the dock foreman who pulled some strings to get my freight moved in sooner.

These unsung heroes should always be acknowledged.  Keep in mind you might need their help again on the next “show”.