Time for a Change


Let’s face it; unless you’re always coming up with new products to display at your Trade Show exhibit, your presentation can become pretty routine and boring. Potential customers want to be wowed by your presentation and your product.  If you’re not excited about your product, they’re not excited about it either.

Routines are safe and secure, but with easily accessible new technology, customers want to see more than just a person talking.

Here are a few ways to break away from your Trade Show Routine.

CHANGE THE LAYOUT OF YOUR BOOTH: Changing the actual layout of your exhibit, an image, a color, a sign or even the clothes you wear can have a dramatic impact to your customers.

LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR BOX: “The only limits we have are the limits we put on ourselves” Felix Baumgartner.  Look for inspiration and ideas that are outside your industry scope.  Visit other exhibits to see what and how others are presenting.

BRING ANOTHER PRESENTER:  Having another person present the material allows you the opportunity to see your customer’s reactions to the material. Bringing another person to present the material allows for a different interpretation of the material being presented.

OFFER DIFFERENT INCENTIVES:  Key chains and pens aren’t cutting it any more.  Customers want something useful.  This doesn’t mean go crazy and give away extravagant items like a trip to Iceland, unless you’re in the travel business at which where do we sign up.  Listen to your customers needs and try to match it.

SMILE, LAUGH AND HAVE FUN:  If you’re unable to change your exhibit or presentation have fun with it.  Smile, laugh and have fun with your customers.  Again, if you’re not excited about your product, your customers won’t be excited about it.