Trade Show Color Tips


Trade shows are about showcasing your product and services in a simple and creative way.  This includes making your display as eye-catching as possible while showing potential customers you have solutions they are looking for.  According to trade show experts you’ve got 3-5 seconds to grab attention and attract prospective customers.  Since studies have shown that most people respond to visual stimuli, selecting the right color groupings is very important.  Here are some suggestions for which colors to use on your booth:

Black conveys class.  Power and sophistication

Gray is neutral.  Creativity and modernity, especially contrasted with cool colors

Brown gives a nostalgic, retro feel.  Informal, casual feel

White expands the space.  Pleasing to the eyes.  Purity, honesty, and tradition

Red evokes passion.  High energy, conveys a sense of urgency

Orange is eye-catching.  Similar to red, but too-bright a shade can imply something cheap

Blue is cool.  Is calming, imaginative, traditional and sophisticated

Silver or gold: wealth, premium services

Yellow is positive and bright, but can be hard to read

Green is pleasant:  money, nature, calm

Summing up, your booth needs to focus on your target audience and design your booth to appeal to them.  Make it clear what product or service you are offering.  Limit the main colors to three or less; the same applies to textures used in your booth such as brushed metal, vinyl, and clear acrylic.