Tricks for creating an eye-catching booth

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Create a plan

1. What is the purpose of the booth?

Will your booth be to meet new leads, pass out information, demonstrate a product, or something else?

2. What needs do you have?

Do you need to be able to sit down and talk to prospective clients?

Do you need an area where you can show a product?

Do you need a stage to present?

Do you need to display product?

3. What technical specifications do you need?

Do you require power/electricity?

Do you need a way to display a video, Internet or other materials?

Do you need additional security to protect special equipment from being stolen or damaged?

 4. Are there any other considerations you need to plan for?

Is there any weight considerations?

How easy is to redesign your booth?

What will your booth look like?

Many companies design their booths to be more of an experience, creating a space that is noticeable, inviting, pleasing and welcoming.

Design your booth in a way that invites people in to learn more about your product or service. Avoid clutter or making your booth feel compact.

In addition, look at all the lighting needs for your displays or demos. It’s safe to assume that most tradeshows will be in a warehouse-like building, with fluorescent-style lighting.

Time for the design

Whether you need a tabletop model, a floor model, or a modular design, keep the graphics simple: include brand items, colors, logos, taglines, names and other designs that identify your company.

Include information about your products or services. It’s best to stick with a large headline and very little additional text. Make sure photos are clear, inviting, and convey your message.

Think of your booth as a live billboard, where you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention.

Work closely with Adcraft

With 80 years of experience Adcraft will be able to create the right Tradeshow booth that will create the opportunity to bring in new customers, display your product, and generate business for your company.