Understanding your Target Audience

Target Audience copy

In a perfect world everyone wants your product, they understand your product, they have deep pockets and will do whatever it takes to have your products latest version.

However this is the real world and not everyone wants your product, understands your product, has deep pockets and really doesn’t want to work at getting the latest version of your product.

Understanding your target audience is crucial to your trade show exhibit.  Here are a few examples to understanding your Audience.

Do not make your audience wait. Be up front with what your product can do.  The last thing your audience wants is a lengthy 20-minute demo or a 200-page novel on how great your product is.

How does this apply to your trade show booth?  Here’s how, make every display, banner, exhibit, flyer, and other material simple, short and to the point.  Put a time limit on presentations.  Offer incentives or special promotions to your audience for attending the exhibit.

Do not make your audience work too hard.  One quick way, well maybe not quick, to lose your audience is to have them fill out lengthy forms, surveys, questionnaires or other mundane data collecting material.

When collecting audience information, make it user friendly.  We’ve all been through the scare of “ Why do I need to give you my information.”  Don’t scare your clients away.

Make every person feel important.   We all like to feel like that we are important and that our time is valuable.  In truth we are.

When presenting material to your audience, make it personal and engaging.  You want your audience to feel that using your product will improve your audience’s daily activities.  Each person is different; therefore you may need to modify how you present your material.

In conclusion don’t bore, make your audience wait, work too hard or feel unimportant.