Lobby Display Creates Unique Experience


Equifax has become a household name…and for good reason.  Customers have trusted Equifax for over 100 years to deliver innovative solutions with the highest integrity and reliability.

So, when the Workforce Solutions Division wanted a new Client Advisory Board display for their St. Louis, MO-based corporate headquarters, it was important that we captured all that reliability and prominence as an industry leader, and translate it into an impressive display that exemplifies just that.

The new, three dimensional, contemporary lobby display — which features a blanket of naturally occurring uneven cubes that provide an undulating effect, making the wall appear to have movement — creates a unique experience for anyone who enters the high traffic area.  Not only does it showcase the importance of the Advisory Board, but it elevates the brand and gives visitors something to enjoy.

Equifax’s Client Advisory Board provides a forum for Equifax to hear directly from executives and thought leaders of select clients and gather feedback on new service concepts. The most recent CAB meeting focused on subjects ranging from onboarding challenges to how companies are responding to the current economic climate. CAB members also discussed potential new services that Equifax could consider introducing to the HR industry.