Show Site Logistics

The Adcraft team is here to offer you full trade show support – we’ll make sure the entire process is smooth and worry-free.

Organizing a trade show involves a high level of organization, planning, and experience. We are here to assist you with all of the details and extensive management.

Shipping & Receiving
One of the biggest trade show headaches is storing and receiving exhibits. Because we have our own warehouse facilities, the storage and retrieval of a display is an affordable and simple transaction. Our service is comprehensive – we can store, ship and receive your exhibit through its warehousing services.

Installation & Dismantling
We ensure smooth installation and dismantling of exhibits in several ways.

  • Your Adcraft representative is with you during setup and dismantle.
  • Only independent contractors (those Adcraft knows and trusts) are used.
  • We maintain a 24 hour communication connection with your clients, shippers, vendors and staff.
  • We provide show services coordination – our clients only pay for the services they choose to order.